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There is a categorical difference between humor and joke. Humor is a totally different trait and the guiding principal of the Independent Bangalore Escorts. Compassion is an essential qualification for the professional escorts. Compassion is the much sought after quality in the worlds of escorts, and that makes Independent Escorts in Bangalore popular.

View from outside

The humor is part of the philosophy and the philosophy of humor is to watch the world from another dimension staying in the same dimension. It is a kind of attachment with the physical world and at the same time shutting the bad outside. The escorts take an active part in the entire process and observe it as an outsider, so nothing good, bad or ugly hurled from that world can reach, let alone hurt her. The mechanism is neither easy to explain not easy to practice. It is a trait and the Independent Bangalore Escorts are examples.

Armor called humor

In fact humor is the armor of an escort like the natural shield of a rhino. It guards her innermost layer of the consciousness against the assault of daily choir and keeps her detached from the professional world. It is a radiation shield she wears everyday while working in the radiation furnace. It needs a receptive mind a very good education and excellent grooming. However, it can be practiced also. So, the escort must realize that a keen sense of humor will keep her client pleased and that is half the job done and will help to keep her sanity.




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